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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Kalampunian Beach, Sabah

Pantai Kalampunian or Kalampunian beach is the long stretch of sand that you see just before reaching the Tip of Borneo. The beach is more than 25km away from the town of Kudat in Sabah.

From the white sands of the beach, you will be able to see the Tip of Borneo in the distance. The water is clear with the waves of the South China Sea driven against the shore by the wind.

Where the road first meets the coast, you will find Howard's Place, a small beach bar owned by an Englishman. As you drive along the coast, a few roadside stalls by the local Rungus selling seashells line the road. Other than two chalet accommodation (one is Tommy's Place) across the road from the beach, there is no other development. A beautiful place to while time away.

The beach is still undiscovered by most, and pretty, but already there is rubbish beginning to build up, flotsam and jetsam brought from the sea.

With the Tip of Borneo being widely promoted as a tourist destination, this idyllic and quiet beach will surely change in the future. Go now while you still can!

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