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Monday, 3 October 2016

Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple, Johor

This hindu temple is located in Wadi Hana, Johor Bahru and is in an obscure location sandwiched by major highways, hence it is a bit difficult to walk there. Easiest way to go there is by car, it is essentially a slip road off Jalan Tun Abdul Razak before you head into the Central Business District. You will pass a row of old 2-storey shop houses, before meandering into a narrow road past a huge building site under construction (this is written in Sept 2016).

At the end of the road,  you will come across the temple. From the outside it does not look like much. Drive to the rear, where there is an open carpark. Park your car and you will see the side of the temple. The temple is essentially a modern structure with a sign proclaiming it as the 1st Glass Temple in the World.

Walk to the front, where the main entrance is decorated in a more traditional Hindu style.

At the entrance you will see this sign, indicating its opening hours or prayer times. Evidently foreign tourists will be charged RM10 per person for entry,

There is also a sign that you have to store your shoes for an additional 50 sen.

After removing your shoes and entering the temple, you are greeted by a further sign that if you wish to take photographs, you would be charged a further RM3 per camera or phone; and a further RM5 for video recordings.

Unfortunately all these charges tend to give off the vibe that the temple is more of a tourist attraction rather than a spiritual place. 

The interior of the temple itself feels very modern with air-conditioning, stainless steel and glass decorating every facet of the walls and columns.

While the temple is small, the mirrored finish to the interior does differentiate it from other Hindu temples in the country. The glass allows you to take interesting photographs while playing with the reflections.

Perhaps if you are in Johore Bahru and passing-by the area, it is worth a stop to view it. 

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